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Need some custom design?  We start from ground zero - objectives, outcomes, skills, knowledge.  Then help you define the right delivery mode.



Where required, we also can deliver programmes that meet the criteria for CPD.  Talks to us.


We digitally author interactive content, write materials, tests and facilitation slides and workbooks.    We help you chose the right content for the training.


Great learning comes from a mix of delivery techniques - online, facilitated, virtual, workbooks, mentoring and coaching.   We help you optimise cost vs. delivery.


Many organisations believe that facilitated training is coming to an end,....not true!    For many staff, facilitated training creates an environment where interacting with expertise is key.


 We do offer consulting services - but only focused on getting you in, up and running.   Our core belief is that organisations, with the right support, can do a lot for themselves.

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