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The financial perils...........

The world of training creates a number of financial perils..

Firstly, over-training of staff is easy to do, many programmes lack objective focus and provide modules that are of little or no value.

Secondly, under-training of staff means that learners are not fully equipped to do the task required of them.   Being an expert in Excel does not guarantee insightful analysis - just a nice reports from our experience.   Do staff really know what to look for?

Our programmes are driven from your needs.   The question is simple.....what do you want staff to be able to do?

Project management is an excellent example - many months of theoretical training and examinations - but are staff really prepared for the rough and tumble world of managing a complex project.   We would say not.

However, there are several core techniques, approaches and skills that when targeted and focused - can lift staff performance.  Passing an exam is not enough for us.