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Our story

Fed up with training that doesn't empower staff to do things themselves - theory driven, low practicality and little tangible change.

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Our Team

Our team utilises expertise that covers many years in procurement, spend analytics, Lean and Six Sigma, advanced sourcing technology, P2P(procure to pay) in areas like finance, infrastructure, banking, manufacturing and a range of other industries,

Our Journey

Our key drive is to engage organisations and encourage them to drive in to their data.   We see a range of projects - procurement and business transformation, re-engineering, systems development and implementation often driven from a lack of tangible hard data.  The question is simple - what evidence, data, facts or information is driving the change?   We teach people not only to deliver the outcomes - but to measure and evaluate the change.   Our objective is to pass on the skills you need....not do it for you.


Our programmes

One of our recently published programmes is the SpendataWorx programme.  This is designed for spend analysts and is not tied to a any software product.   The programme contains end-to-end guidance on how to convert your invoice data in to understandable and actionable categories - and is designed to overcome many of the issues associated with account coding.  Once the data is structured it become actionable - save money, reduce consumption, reduce processing costs - acquire new technology.  We also help organisations focus on how to acquire analytics tools - and the limitations of each type of software.